Use Your Heart
Exceptionally positive and encouraging, this book contains compelling true, personal life stories by authors from around the globe, who have united to share their experiences with the transformative potential of kindness. Each story has a gift for you. As you are transported around the world by these stories, you’ll be gifted with wisdom, love, compassion, forgiveness, hope, laughter, gratitude, acceptance, and the awareness that life is not possible without love.
What Will You Get From This Book?

In addition to awakening your feeling of compassion towards others, the stories in this book will help you learn how to:

  • Be kinder and compassionate to yourself
  • Recognize opportunities for giving and receiving kindness
  • Live a more rewarding life by practicing kindness
  • Trust more and count your blessings
  • Set yourself free through forgiveness
  • Recognize the role of animals in teaching us how to love
  • Cultivate the courage to follow your heart and intuition
  • Practice gratitude—a vital spiritual virtue
  • Practice an ancient mantra meditation for opening the heart
  • Find more reasons to continue having faith in humanity
Who Is This Book For

Give a copy of this book to someone you care about. It’s a wonderful present for most occasions:

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduations, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, and other special occasions.  It’s a great gift for students, teachers, spiritual leaders, social workers, law enforcement officers, healthcare providers and government officials.

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Book Reviews

See what readers are saying

A book everyone must own!!!!!

A beautiful, gentle, inspiringly written book, which is perfect for those with a busy life because each story is broken up into small little ‘gem’ chapters!  I recommend this book to anyone & everyone, it will remain on my nightstand for the rest of my life to remind me about kindness, goodness, and caring! Thank you Zeal Okogeri

Teri A. Watson

An Instant Uplift!

This is a lovely book filled with short and touching stories of the power of Love and Kindness. It’s a quick and enjoyable read. I find this author’s books to be very inspiring and uplifting. When I need a reminder about the presence of Love in this world, I pick up this book and instantly feel reconnected with a sense of gratitude and joy! This is such a beautiful collection of stories to hold close to your Heart and/or to gift to others.


A Timeless Classic on the Beauty of Kindness!

What an Extraordinary Read!! This beautiful book is a treasure trove of inspirational true stories of Kindness from around the world. The author brilliantly weaves tales of compassion which empower us to make a meaningful impact on whatever path we choose in life. It has my highest recommendation!

Bradley Provines

Yes! Human kindness what a wonderful reminder

Dr. Okogeri has put together a collection of stories written by real people; each story is a wonderful reminder of the power of human kindness, it will remind you of how simple and beautiful life can be. Be kind to yourself or a friend and buy this book!

Hawaii Librarian

Kindness, a gift which keeps on giving

I really cherished this book, savoring each story. Each story speaks to the heart, inspires, uplifts. It is also a testimony of the human capacity to endure and overcome. Life is a stream of happy and unhappy experiences. How do you get by in the dark time? Try to give love to someone, be kind; this is the gift you give to yourself. Dr. Okogeri’s book is such a gift; pure enjoyment. I recommend it to everybody.

Heide Kiyota, PhD


About The Author

A progeny of generations of African indigenous healers and mystics, Dr. Zeal Okogeri is a teacher in the fields of self-development and spiritual growth. Through his writings, teachings and storytelling, he inspires love. His mission is to fill the human heart with compassion, kindness and love, which should radiate to people worldwide.
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